About AdaptiveLean... from John Muka, Ph.D - Founder and President

“Good people stuck in bad work Processes”.  That’s how James Womack often describes many of us in the working world.  Womack wrote the first book to bring to light the Toyota Operating System t – the basis of much of Lean Six Sigma.  

Beginning as a Production Supervisor for GM I’ve found these “good people” in every kind of organization, including manufacturing, electronics, engineering design, healthcare and Government.  And just like you, I’ve been held prisoner at times by some bad work processes.

But I was never satisfied to stay stuck!  To try to fit in instead of standing out!

If this resonates with you, then we already have a lot in common.

In recent years I’ve even seen some bad processes in the way that legacy Lean Six Sigma and similar programs happen. I’m challenging myself, —and you as well — to not just fit into methods that can’t provide you with the long term accomplishments you are capable of.

Rather, let me help you become a standout performer in your own work using the Skills Based approach I call AdaptiveLean.

I look forward to a chance to work with you on finding your better way!

John Muka

Some of the many organizations served ...