Enjoy better ways to work.  One Team at a time.

For some, work means more than putting in a lot of hours.  Or just earning a living.

It’s a quest for respect and accomplishment.   Seeing challenges and overcoming obstacles.  And having the time to enjoy the journey.

If you have your own business, or if you run a part of any kind of organization, you know that the way the work gets done often determines your success or failure.

But the problem is…

…how do you get the leverage you need to make a difference?  Do you own the work process, or does the work end up owning you?  

For example, are your good plans derailed by “just the way things are done around here”?

Are you stuck just solving the same problems over and over again every day?  

There is a better way… Improvement done by you.  

AdaptiveLean clients know the confidence of operating within a living Process Improvement System.  It involves Leaders, Managers, Owners and staff all eventually working together toward improvement.  

You can have Process Improvement done by you and those you work with – not done to you by internal or external consultants.

Just decide that now is the right time for that first step.

What is AdaptiveLean?

 Process Improvement at the Team Level.

In today’s world you need to develop the skills necessary to drive your own Process Improvements .  And you can’t do it as an individual.  AdaptiveLean connects you with the key people around you needed to See the Challenge, Solve the Problems and Share and Sustain better ways of working.  It becomes the new habit – the better way of making the right things happen together


What are the Skills?

  • Direct observation and documentation of Work Processes

  • Local Team Metrics

  • Essential Lean Team Tools

  • Toyota Kata Improvement Cycles

  • Coaching

  • Training Within Industry Methods: Job Instruction/Job Improvement

Getting Started...

  1. Initial assessment and customized Plan
  2. QuickStart  Team Tools and Coaching
  3. Local Lean Management System
  4. Process Improvement Cycles

See, Solve, Share and Sustain

Find out if AdaptiveLean is right for you.