Find better ways to get the work done.

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Is your work process failing you ?
  • Unexpected problems.

  • Constant interruptions 

  • Ever changing priorities

  • Do-Overs, Delays

  • Unlimited demands on your time

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

You’ve got job skills.  And motivation.  But are you really in charge?  Is the work running you instead of you running the work?  

Find your better ways…

Processes that work FOR you  – not AGAINST you.

Build an AdaptiveLean based system you  can trust.  Get skilled at Process Improvement.  Take charge of your day.

Next – Involve your Team.  Your clients.  Your suppliers.  

Get the tools and focus you need.  Take charge.

             …Accomplish more.  And start enjoying what you do again!

See the real Challenges

Develop the expertise to do the work the way it actually needs to be done

Solve the Problems

Prevent Defects -Eliminate Delays - Reduce Waste and Costs

Share and Sustain

Build a Team Based System that produces permanent improvements

Find Your Better ways...Learn how to:

Focus on the work you do using using proven Lean Six Sigma Tools

AdaptiveLean ... by John Muka, Ph.D, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

AdaptiveLean Clients with John Muka

Trained over 1500 Lean Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts

Guided  successful Leaders and Teams at General Motors, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and many other organizations who accomplished:

  • A  complex transformational project that reduced Communication Satellite “order to delivery cycle” from 4 years down to 12 months.
  • Significant projects at Fox Chase Cancer Center, and Capital Health System.
  • Major improvements at a major NJ governmental organization
  • Breakthroughs at multiple small and medium sized businesses.

 Better ways to work …Adapted to your real process improvement needs.


You can take charge of how the work gets done...

1. Start a conversation...

A free consultation. Let's get to know what you need and how this could help. Decide if this is right for you and develop a plan to get started.

2. Find your better ways

Start applying a structured system to your work. See and measure what's important. Understand how the work needs to get done. Apply just the tools that fit the problem.

3. Accelerate your Future

Increase your skill. Build capable Teams and Staff. Prevent Defects. Eliminate Delays. Reduce Waste. Enjoy building the Processes you can depend on for success.

Work is more complicated than ever. Customers and Clients are more demanding.  And so is your organization.  More value, less cost, delivered as promised.  Your existing improvement skills might not be enough.  Especially if you don’t have any time to use them.

You need skills that become automatic.  And have impact.  So that you can not only survive another day on the job, but actually have the time to take charge.  

Better results. More business.  A future you can look forward to.

Many improvement programs emphasize knowing – not doing.  You face a parade of concepts and tools – often without the repetition needed to master them.

Not enough doing leads to not enough skill.  …And no lasting improvement. 

AdaptiveLean begins with mastery of the fundamental 5 Skill pattern you’ll always need at the individual level.  You can then choose to add the AdaptiveLean based habits of a Daily Lean Management System as well as Project and Kaizen Event competence as your own needs might require.

  Think of how you actually spend your time each day!  How much of it is do-overs, fire-fighting and constant interruptions?  AdaptiveLean can often reduce this load by up to 30%.  But not all at once.  You might begin by “winning the first hour” of each day.  Lock those habits in and then build from there.  A constant series of small improvements along with some surprisingly big breakthroughs.  Download the “Top 5 Improvement Mistakes” Self Study below to get started.

5 misakes cover snip

The Top 5 Process Improvement Mistakes and How to avoid them

The 5 Fundamental Skills of Process Improvement

(32 page Study Guide)