Your Process Improvement System

Enjoy better ways to work.  One Team at a time.

For some, work means more than putting in a lot of hours. 

         Or just earning a living.

It’s a quest for respect and accomplishment.   

Seeing challenges and overcoming obstacles.  And having the time to enjoy the journey.

You know that the way the work is getting done often determines your progress.

But the problem is…

… Too often, that work is running you instead of you running the work.  

How do you find the time and get the leverage you need to take command?  

There is a better way… Improvement done by you.  

As an AdaptiveLean client you will own and develop a unique Process Improvement System based on Lean Six Sigma. 

The System that makes possible the work you actually should be doing. 

Process improvement done by you and for you not done to you by outsiders

See the real Challenges

Develop the expertise to do the work the way it actually needs to be done

Solve the Problems

Prevent Defects -Eliminate Delays - Reduce Waste and Costs

Share and Sustain

Build a Team Based System that produces permanent improvements

Find Your Better way...Learn how to:

  • Intentionally expose problems
  • Work effectively to solve them
  • Engage others
  • Make time for improvement work every day

Focus on the work you do using using proven Lean Six Sigma Tools

Create your true competitive advantage.  You’ll take command of your daily routines in a new way.   You’ll lead those around you to do the same.  It’s not only about solving the big problems.  It’s also about together winning each day and each hour in the day.  More Value delivered to clients, exactly when needed without wasted efforts.

AdaptiveLean ... by John Muka, Ph.D, Master Black Belt

AdaptiveLean Clients with John Muka
  • Multiple Career accomplishments from General Motors, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and beyond.
  • 3 Year Transformational project reducing Spacecraft “order to delivery” from 4 years down to 12 months.
  • Significant projects at Fox Chase Cancer Center, and Capital Health System.
  • Major improvements at a NJ governmental organization
  • Multiple small and medium sized business clients
  • Trained over 1500 Green Belts and Black Belts to date

 Better ways to work …Adapted to your real process improvement needs.